Quickly change charts from one to another with this trick

We all change minds. Heck, I just did it with the leading line. I thought something else, but went with what you just read. So why must Excel charts be set in stone? Let’s say you made some charts and want to quickly second guess your selection. How to change Excel chart easily?

Sure, you can use one of the below options.

  • Delete the chart and make something new
  • Right click on the chart and select “Change chart type”
  • Click on “Change chart type” button in the Chart Design ribbon.

But here is something that is so simple, you will love it. Ready for it?

Change Excel chart types easily – Trick

Note: this works in Excel 2016 and above. May not work in older versions of Excel.

  1. Select the chart you want to change.
  2. Go to Insert ribbon and click on the other chart you want.
  3. Done.

Here is a demo.

change excel charts easily with this trick

So there you go. Now changing mind is easier than looking at another (wo)man when you are with your partner. Go ahead and check out those sexy bar charts.

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