10 Excel Tips ☑️

10 Excel Tips ☑️

10 Excel Tricks to save you loads of time. This article shows 10 useful Excel tricks and tips for Excel to help you save time.Within Excel are many hidden tools you might not know of.
Here are 10 Excel Tips that will help in your Microsoft Office training.A part of being a successful excel user is knowing how to flex your analytical muscle. With these 10 Excel tricks you should be master excel sooner.
Many of us spend a vast portion of our time banging our heads against Excel. Unfortunately we can’t help you make those specific figures line up in Office 2016’s spreadsheet app – that one’s on you but we can show you a few things which will make your life easier.

We’re looking at tricks you can pull off inside the cells and out, improving Excel’s interface while making your calculations more powerful and versatile. You’ll be able to speed up data entry, change values worksheet-wide, and much more.

These tips are geared towards Excel 2016 users, and we’ve used Windows to pull them off, but they should all work on versions of Excel from 2010 onwards and, with the appropriate shortcut substitutions, will do the job on the Mac as well.

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