29 Excel Skills And Tips You Need to Learn – A Tutorial For Beginners

29 Excel Skills And Tips You Need to Learn – A Tutorial For Beginners

Excel Beginner Tutorial: 29 Excel Skills and Tips For Excel Beginners

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These are 29 Excel tips and skills I wish I would have known when I first started using Excel. These tips should save you a ton of time especially if you use Excel everyday in your work. I’ve listed the tricks and tips below.

1 ESC to launch spreadsheet (Excel 2013) (ESC)
2 Enter text on a different line in one cell (ALT + ENTER)
3 Fixing the width of rows/columns and making them all the same size (if you want) or wrapping text
4 Entering Data into multiple sheets in a workbook at Once (CTRL + SELECT TABS)
5 Shortcut to Navigate between worksheets (CTRL + PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN)
6 Navigate left/right within cells without using your mouse during data entry (SHIFT TAB/TAB)
7 Navigate up/down within cells without using your mouse during data entry (SHIFT ENTER/ENTER)
8 Copying Data above or to the right at the stroke of a couple of keys (CTRL + D / CTRL + R)
9 Using Excel Auto Fill To Finish your data entry Job – Bottom Right Drag-Drop (DRAG BOTTOM CORNER OR DOUBLE CLICK TO FILL DOWN TO WHEREVER RANGE COLUMN ENDS)
10 Copy Paste Excel Functions (using the different paste options available to us) (ALT, H, V (THEN OPTION))
11 Dragging content from one cell to another (DRAG)
12 Inserting a row or column and deleting a row or column (CTRL + (+) / CTRL + (–))
13 Creating a table in Excel (CTRL + T)
14 Quick way to apply common formulas to a range of cells and using name ranges (ALT, H, U, S(SUM))
15 Show all of the formulas in a spreadsheet (CTRL + ` (KEY BESIDE 1))
16 How to get to the end/start/right/left of your data range in an instant (CTRL + RIGHT/DOWN/ (SHIFT TO SELECT))
17 Select all of your data in a spreadsheet – Fast (CTRL + A)
18 Create a new name range in your spreadsheet (CTRL + SHIFT + F3)
19 Link something to another page or document – Hyperlink (CTRL + K)
20 Freeze Panes – How to freeze the area to display your header and data that you need (ALT, W, F)
21 Group and Ungroup data
22 Text to Columns (ALT, A , E)
23 Remove duplicate records in a data set (ALT, A, M)
24 Format Painter (ALT, H, F, P)
25 Hide tabs of your workbook or cells
26 Removing the gridlines from the spreadsheet (CTRL + ALT + G)
27 Quickest way to open a new workbook (CTRL + N)
28 Navigate between multiple workbooks (CTRL + TAB)
29 Saving the workbook & Print the workbook (CTRL + S (CTRL + F12) – CTRL + P)

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