New Microsoft Excel 2019 and Excel 365 Features!

New Microsoft Excel 2019 and Excel 365 Features!

This is a Microsoft Excel 2019 Basic Tutorial for beginners. In this basic course Excel video tutorial, you’ll learn how to save time using the new select cells feature, use the Sound Feedback to enhance your productivity in Excel by providing audio cues, Accessibility Checker to check the workbook for content that people with disabilities might find difficult to read, and new to 2019 the issues can be fixed in a single click, Translate to translate selected text into a different language, CONCAT function to replace the legacy “CONCATENATE” function, which the CONCAT will still combine data in separate cells into one, as well as two new features, IFS function to help replace the old way of nesting many IF functions into one, by using a single, simplistic and much easier to read IFS function, MAXIFS and MINIFS used to return the highest (max) or lowest (min) value of a specified range when a condition(s) or criteria has been met, SWITCH function will switch out a value with another if there’s a match, TEXTJOIN function will join a range of cells together into a single cell using a delimiter of your choice to break up the combined data, Funnel Chart which is used to show values across multiple stages in a process i.e. to show the number of sales prospects at each stage in a sales pipeline, Map Charts used to quickly create powerful data visualizations from geographic data, PivotTables Default Layout used to save your PivotTable layout as the default layout for all new PivotTables, Draw Tab with new and improved Ink features, 3D Models are a new kind of clip art; you can use 3D to increase the visual and creative impact of your workbooks, and Icons to visually communicate using symbols.

1. Select Cells
2. Sound Feedback
3. Accessibility Checker
4. Translate
6. IFS
10. Funnel Chart
11. Map Charts
12. PivotTables Default Layout
13. Draw Tab
14. 3D Models
15. Icons

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