Excel In A Brand-New Job: My 4 Best Tips

Excel In A Brand-New Job: My 4 Best Tips

Excel In A Brand-New Job: My 4 Best Tips // In this video, I will give you 4 ways to excel in a new job. Starting a new job can be stressful and exciting.

You want to make sure you succeed at your new company and the below 4 ways will put you on that road:

1. You must understand the corporate culture and get to know your boss well!
2. You must learn how to perform your job very well!
3. Stop/Don’t Multi-Task
4. Keep Drinking From The Fire Hose


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Darnell Clarke’s journey has taken him from being an ex-professional baseball player to being a hiring manager working for companies like Coca-Cola, GE, and IBM to building a small IT federal government contracting business. He is a published author of Employmentology: A Practical Systematic Methodology of Finding & Obtaining Employment by a Hiring Manager.

Now he has transitioned as a Career Counselor, Adviser, and Coach. His mission is to help all three generations (Baby Boomers, GenX’ers and Millennials) to create for themselves an “Extraordinary, Remarkable, Amazing” career and teach them to work in their labor of love so they can be employable FOREVER! Mr. Clarke holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA.


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