Excel Formula Related Tips & Tricks in Tamil | 14 Secrets you should know while entering any formula

Excel Formula Related Tips & Tricks in Tamil | 14 Secrets you should know while entering any formula

Excel Formula Related Tips & Tricks in Tamil | 14 Secrets you should know while entering any formula

If you are a beginner in excel, then this video is one of the important one for you to watch it completely. Watching this video can guide you the basics and important steps you should take care while creating any formulas. Topics covered in this videos are:

– How to Start your formula
– Adding + sign instead of equal sign while starting formula
– Formula gallery
– Type of formulas available in excel
– Formula help
– Insert Formula window
– Know the basics of formula structure
– Understand the syntax of any excel formula
– Screen tips in Excel formula
– Error handling in in excel formula
– Excel fill handle
– Excel flash fill in tamil
– Excel auto sum in tamil
– Tricks while copy cut move swap an excel formula
– Usage of brackets in excel formula in tamil
– how to structure perfect formula in excel
– how to beautify a nested formula perfectly in excel
– Usage of control and mouse click while creating formula in excel
– Usage of Shift and Arrow key while developing formula in excel
– Shortcut to lock cell reference in excel tamil
– Shortcut to show or hide formula in excel tamil
– Manual calculation and auto calculation in excel


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