How to extract common values in two tables? – Power Query Tip

We, humans like to compare. Whether we are on Facebook or workbook, we want to compare. So how do you compare two tables and extract common values? Simple, use Power Query. It can merge (a la join) tables and give you the common values.

Extract common values from two tables - Excel

If you just want to highlight matching values between two tables, See this tip.

Extract common values from two table – Step by Step tutorial

Let’s say you have two tables like this:

Extract common values between two tables - Excel - howto?

Load these tables in to Power Query. You end up with two queries – say Table1 and Table2.

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Now, go to Home ribbon of Power Query and click on Merge Queries > Merge Queries as New.

Merge - Power Query

In the Merge options, set up the choices like this. You can hold CTRL to multi-select columns to join based on two or more columns.

Merge two tables - Inner Join - Power Query

Pro-tip: You can also apply other kinds of join. For example, use Left-Anti join to see values that are only in first table.

The result would be common values between two tables. You can load this data to Excel or to Data Model for further analysis.

Extract common values from two tables – Video Tutorial

What if you wanted to just highlight common values? What if you just want to compare based on a single column? Watch this video for all these scenarios and see solutions for simple to complex comparison problems.

You can see this and many other FREE Excel + Power BI tips at YouTube Channel.

Common Values from two tables – Sample file

Please click here to download FREE sample workbook for this tip. Examine the Power Query steps to see how the two table are merged.

More ways to compare things in Excel…

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How do you compare common values?

Power Query is my preferred method for comparing, merging or combining data. What about you? Are you hooked on Power Query yet? Please post your preferred method for comparing and extracting values in comments box.

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