Printable Excel Weekly Planner

Even if you love Excel, there might be times when you want to work on paper, instead of on the screen. I’ve made a printable Excel weekly planner, and you can customize the sections, and then print it out.

Plan Your Week

Even though I work in Excel all day, there are a few things that I print out, to scribble notes on while I work.

Here’s a screen shot of the top corner of my printable Excel weekly planner. You’ll change a couple of settings in the Excel file, then print it out.

Excel weekly planner screen shot

Set the Start Date

Each week, you can open the Excel weekly planner, change the start date, and print the planner.

On the Setup sheet in the planner file, type a start date in cell C7. There’s a formula in cell D7, to show the weekday of the date that you entered.

Choose a Weekday Format

The planner shows the weekday names at the top, and you can choose short (Mon) or long (Monday) format, in the Setup sheet

Change the Daily Sections

Each weekday’s column is divided into 3 sections. You can change the section headings, or leave a heading blank, to hide that section.

Change the To Do Section

At the left, there’s a To Do section. You can change the note at the top of that section, or leave it blank,

You can also change the line spacing (single, double or triple), or remove the lines.

Video: How the Planner Works

To see how to change the planner settings, watch this video.

  • The first few minutes show the Setup options
  • The second part  (starting at 2:08) shows the formulas and conditional formatting that are used in the background.

The written instructions are on the Weekly Planner page on my Contextures website.

0:00    Intro
0:17    Change the Setup Options
2:08    Day Section Lines
3:53    To Do List Lines

Get the Printable Excel Weekly Planner

To get the free printable Excel weekly planner template, go to the Weekly Planner page on my Contextures website.

The zipped file is in xlsx format, and does not contain any macros.


Printable Excel Weekly Planner

Printable Excel Weekly Planner


Printable Excel Weekly Planner Template


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