Tips & Tricks for Advanced Excel

Tips & Tricks for Advanced Excel

Download the practice file here :
Tips & Tricks for Advanced Excel

Here comes, New Bag of Tricks which will make you more Faster in Excel. Believe it when you watch it.

Following are the Shortcuts used in this tutorial:
1. F2:- See what’s inside the Cell
2. F4:- Repeating your last action
3. Ctrl + ~:- Abracadabra Trick- See what’s inside the cell
4. Ctrl + [:- Go to Source of Formula
5. F5 then Enter:- Takes you back to that cell
6. Alt + = :- Sum it Up
7. Alt:- Activate Formula
8. Ctrl + A:- Trick to see Function Argument Box
9. Shift + Tab:- Moves the cursor upward
10. Shift + F3:- Takes to Function Argument Box to watch Inputs of Cells.

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