Excel – 4 Smart 👌Advanced Custom Conditional Formatting Tips [ New Rules ] To Make You 😎Smart

Excel – 4 Smart 👌Advanced Custom Conditional Formatting Tips [ New Rules ] To Make You 😎Smart

Advanced Excel – 4 Smart Amazing Advanced Custom Conditional Formatting Tips [ New Rules ] To Make You Smart. Custom Conditional formatting is really easy to use once you understand the rule behind it. This video shows you how how you can use your custom formulas in conditional formatting rules in Excel and conditionally format them to change color depending whether a condition is met or not. In this lecture you will learn how you can use conditional formatting smartly to highlight –

1. Highlight column values
2. Highlight Entire Row
3. Highlight Entire Column
4. Highlight Entire Row

Learn how to use conditional formatting to change the look of cells in your sheet when they meet certain conditions.

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