Do’s & Don’ts of Excel Spreadsheet Design (with Examples)

Do’s & Don’ts of Excel Spreadsheet Design (with Examples)

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In this Excel tutorial I cover the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to creating your next Excel Dashboard or Report. There are two main aspects when you design an Excel spreadsheet:
1. Excel Workbook Structure
2. Visual Design of Each Excel Worksheet

The tutorial includes examples of professional and beautiful Excel reports that follow these design principles.
If you don’t have time to watch the whole video make sure you watch Tip#8 at 3:28. This is the one we tend to forget about because we’re too busy analyzing and getting the work done. But a little formatting goes a long way. The good news is “less is more” so it really doesn’t take much effort to get this right. If you have the proper structure in place as shown at the beginning of the video, the rest will be easily done. Remember: “Organize before you serve”.

Putting into practice and making a habit of as many of the Excel spreadsheet design principles outlined in this video will elevate your spreadsheets far above those around you. Who knows; it could be the reason for your next promotion!

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