25 AWESOME Excel Keyboard Shortcuts (You Should Know)!

25 AWESOME Excel Keyboard Shortcuts (You Should Know)!

In this video, I will share 25 Excel shortcuts that will help you save time and look like an Excel Pro.

The following shortcuts are covered in this video:
1. Apply and Remove Filters
2. Copy the above cell
3. Faster data entry with the drop-down on unique values
4. Go to the Last Filled Cell
5. Hide Column/Row
6. Insert/Delete Row/Column
7. Select Entire Row/Column
8. Spell Check
9. Navigating through worksheets
10. Cycle Through Open Workbooks
11. Create Table shortcut
12. Copy and Paste as Values
13. Open Format Cells Dialog Box
14. AutoSum Rows/Columns
15. Enter a New Line in the Same Cell
16. Inserting a comment
17. Insert Current Date and Time
18. Select Visible Cells Only
19. Flash Fill Keyboard Shortcut
20. Best way to Move Rows/Columns
21. Freeze Row/Column
22. Insert Hyperlink
23. Insert a New Sheet
24. Open VB Editor
25. Some Useful Formatting Shortcuts

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