Excel Roundup 20200319

Written by Debra Dalgleish from Contextures Blog

It’s been a long time since the last Excel roundup, so here’s a new one! Check out these Excel links and articles, and I’m sure you’ll find a few interesting things to read.


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Contextures Articles

First, here are a few of the Excel articles that I’ve published since the last roundup.

Filtered List: Create an Excel pivot table using only the visible rows in a filtered list

Hyperlinks: Create an Excel hyperlink formula that takes you to the next empty cell, for data entry.

Dependent Drop Down: Make dependent drop down lists with new Excel functions and dynamic arrays

Data Tips

Large Files: On the TurboFuture blog, Kevin Languedoc shares 10 tips for working with large files in Excel.

Filters: Bill Jelen and Roger Govier use macros to show which Excel columns are filtered

Data Analysis: If you ever work with messy data in Excel, you’ll relate to the data nightmare problems that Dr. Kate Lakowski had, when using someone else’s data.

Data Viz: Evelina Judeikyte shares a list of the resources she used last year, while improving her data visualization skills.

Cleaning: The FireEye blog shows a few tricks for cleaning up data in Excel. Scroll down for the formula examples.

Excel Tips

Be Careful: On the Trustwave blog, Diana Lopera explains how the recent Excel 4.0 macro spam attempts work.

Excel Problems: If you want to avoid a few Excel headaches, Bill Jelen (Mr. Excel) shares easy, but not obvious, solutions to Excel problems.

Excel Skills

Learn Excel: On Reddit, someone asked, “I have two weeks to master excel – what should my game plan be?” and there are lots of good suggestions, including the free university-run Excel classes at Coursera.

Résumés: If you’re looking for a new job this year, here are a few tips on how to include your Excel skills in your résumé.

Power Query: If you want to learn more about Power Query, Mike Girvin has lots of free PQ videos on his YouTube channel (ExcelIsFun), so check out his Power Query playlist, and get started, or improve your current skills.


Confusing: Jon Peltier takes a look at confusing Excel bar charts, and suggests other ways to present the data

Interpret: Ideas from chart expert, Alberto Cairo on how to prepare and interpret charts. Good tips at the end of the article.

Prepare: Detailed steps from Lisa Charlotte Rost, show how to prepare your data for analysis and charts. Data preparation takes work, but it’s worth it!



Calendar: On Jon Wittwer’s Vertex42 site, you can download an Excel “Random Acts of Kindness” calendar. You can see how all the formulas work, and change the items in the list, or add your own. You could even change it to a “Random Excel skills to learn” list!

Excel Tools

Pivot Table Add-in: Get the latest version of my Excel Pivot Power Free add-in, with time-saving tools

Name Manager: If you frequently use named ranges in Excel, you might like the helpful features in Jan Karel Pieterse’s free Name Manager add-in. There’s a recent update, and the add-in now works in 64-bit Excel too.


Excel Roundup 20200319



Excel Roundup 20200319


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