A quick personal update

How are you? I want to say hello and check in with you in these strange and scary times.

How are we…

Jo, kids, Excel (our dog) and I are doing well. New Zealand has announced lock-down measures today. So no school for kids, no office for Jo from tomorrow. As usual, I work from home all the time, so I have been theoretically in isolation since we came from our holiday to India in January.

My mom, in-laws and immediate family living India (and other parts of world) are also well and following necessary precautions advised by local governments.

How I am staying well…

There is a lot of anxiety and stress associated with things like this. I am trying to stay positive and thankful. Here are a few things I am trying:

  • Draw: I have always been a doodler. But in the last few months I have been actively drawing. I stocked up on a few drawing supplies (pencils, oil pastels and such) a week ago and now trying to draw everyday. Here is an oil pastel drawing I made last night (after watching some tutorials on Art Arena channel).
  • Exercise: I have been regularly exercising for last 18 months. I am not stopping now. Although gyms are now closed, Jo & I workout in our garage with a few weights. I recently purchased a door-frame pull-up bar (something like this) to strengthen my back. It has already helped me get up to 8/10 pull-ups per set range.
  • Eat well: For almost a decade now, we have been eating healthy. There is no change in that now. With the added benefit of restaurant closures in NZ, now there is less temptation to eat out (although I will greatly miss the amazing Wellington coffee).
  • Creating: I am trying to create more content (videos on my YouTube channel, blog posts and even a new online course) to stay productive and motivated. I will post often for next few months to help you learn and shine.
  • Spend less: I have been an advocate of spending less all my life. We (Jo & I) reviewed our budget during the weekend and it felt reassuring to know that we spend way less than we make.

Excel Summit update…

  • The Global Excel Summit 2020 has now been postponed. New dates (and mode of the conference) will be announced later. Needless to say, I won’t be going to London or anywhere else for some time.

Stay safe and away…

I wish you all the best in these tough times. Please take care yourself and those who depend on you. Thanks for stopping and reading this. 🙂

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