Fix Slow Excel Files with FastExcel Tools

Written by Debra Dalgleish from Contextures Blog

If we’re sitting at home, with little to do but eat, watch TV and sleep, we might get a bit slow and bloated, which isn’t a great feeling. Nobody wants slow, bloated Excel files either, so Charles Williams just released a new, improved version of his FastExcel tools, to help you fix them! Unfortunately, it only works on Excel files, not people.

What is FastExcel?

Maybe you haven’t heard about FastExcel before. It’s a set of tools that help you:

  • build, debug and maintain Excel workbooks
  • finding and prioritising calculation and VBA bottlenecks
  • speed up your Excel Calculations

The previous versions of FastExcel were great, and Charles has spent years working on FastExcel V4, to make it even better.

FastExcel profiler

Video: FastExcel Demo

In this short demo video, you’ll the one-click Drilldown command – it’s a new feature in FastExcel V4.

The Drilldown quickly made a profile of my workbook, and found the worst worksheets, and the worst formulas on those sheets. Who made all those errors?

Do You Need FastExcel?

If you’re an Excel power user, with lots of calculation-intensive workbooks, the tools in Charles Williams’ FastExcel add-in can help you in several ways:

  • help make your Excel files calculate faster
  • pinpoint calculation problems
  • solve speed issues
  • manage your workbooks

Not For Everybody

FastExcel is not for everyone though. You don’t need FastExcel if:

  • you’re a casual Excel user
  • you only create simple Excel files
  • you don’t have problems with calculation speed in your workbooks

FastExcel – 3 Products

There are 3 products in the FastExcel line, and you can get them separately, or in a bundle.

  1. Profiler
  2. Manager
  3. SpeedTools

FastExcel Profiler

If you’re tired of waiting for Excel to calculate, the Profiler tools can help you identify the reasons for the slow calculation.

The Profiler has tools in 3 categories

  • Calculation Profiler
  • VBA Profiler
  • Calculation Manager

The new DrillDown Profiler is my favourite tool on this tab! If you watched the video (above), you saw me using it in one of my files.

FastExcel calculation profiler

FastExcel vba profiler

FastExcel Calculation Manager

FastExcel Manager

FastExcel Manager has tools to help you build, debug and maintain your Excel workbooks.

FastExcel Manager

For example:

  • Clean Workbook – Trim the bloat in your workbooks
  • Name Manager Pro – Shows you things that the build-in Name Manager doesn’t show!
  • Formula Explorer – Edit / debug / explorer worksheet formulas

Here’s a screen shot of the Formula Explorer – it makes formula editing much easier!

FastExcel Manager

FastExcel SpeedTools

The SpeedTools product has tools and functions to help you speed up your Excel calculations. For example:

  • Only calculate the active workbook
  • Mix Automatic and Manual calculation by worksheet.
  • Control Workbook Open calculation methods.

Here is a screen shot of the commands on the SpeedTools tab.

FastExcel SpeedTools Calc

Get the FastExcel Bundle Discount

If you decide to buy the FastExcel tools, take advantage of the bundle discount that’s only available until Wednesday, April 15th, 2020.

  • NOTE: Use coupon code FXLV4INTRO to get a 40% discount when you buy the FastExcel bundle

Click here to buy FastExcel V4 products or bundles, or get the 15-day trial version.


Fix Slow Excel Files with FastExcel Tools


Fix Slow Excel Files with FastExcel Tools


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