Easy Website Metrics Dashboard with Excel

Do you run an e-commerce website? You are going to love this simple, clear and easy website metrics dashboard. You can track 15 metrics (KPIs) and visualize their performance. The best part, it takes no more than 15 minutes to setup and use. Here is a preview of the dashboard.

Read on to learn how to use this.

website dashboard - Snapshot

Download Website Dashboard Template

Please click here to download the dashboard template

How to use this Website Dashboard?

This dashboard is rather simple to use. Download the file using above link and follow these steps to set it up.

  1. Go to Data worksheet and enter your metrics (KPIs) and corresponding data for 2 weeks. 
  2. For each KPI, specify the type of calculation to use. You can get either total or average in the dashboard.
  3. Flag any 5 KPIs to show in summary tiles section.
  4. Go to Dashboard. It should be set up now.
  5. Format various metrics if needed (for example, currency format)
  6. Type 1 in column B (range B11:B25) to display an alert icon 🔴 next to a KPI
  7. Add any free text comments

That is all. The dashboard is ready to use. Present or print it.


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Know more

How is this website dashboard created?

This dashboard uses powerful and easy to work Excel features like,

  • Sparklines – for trends
  • Conditional formatting icons – for percent changes and alerts
  • Picture links – for tiles on top
  • INDEX+MATCH formulas – to get right values to show on the report
  • SUBTOTAL to dynamically show either total or average

Here is the construction process in a nutshell.

We start with input data. It is captured in below format.

Sample data for website dashboard

Construction of tiles in the summary area:

Top part of the dashboard shows five tiles, each detailing performance of one metric. These tiles are made with picture links and simple formulas. Here is an illustration of how one of the picture links is constructed.

top 5 metrics - tiles - how they are made

How the detail section of dashboard is made

The detail section of the dashboard lists all 15 KPIs and their performance stats. I have used simple formulas and SUBTOTAL formula to generate the numbers in this. The trend is drawn with sparklines. I’ve used Conditional formatting to show the percentage change icons and alert symbols.

Here is a deconstruction of the detail section inner workings.

detailed metrics report - construction

To understand more, please download a copy of the dashboard and examine the set up.

Website Metrics Dashboard – Explanation Video

If you are not sure how everything is set up, check out this explanation video. You will learn how this dashboard is made from scratch.

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