Excel Tips & Trick|

Excel Tips & Trick|

Excel Tips & Trick|
Hi Guys,
In this Video You will learn about Three Most useful tricks in Micro Soft Excel…
AutoFit Column Width
You can change the width of a column by clicking and dragging the right border of the column header.
To automatically fit the widest entry in a column, double click the right border of a column header.
To autofit multiple columns, first select multiple columns by clicking and dragging over the column headers. Note: to…
Next, double click the right border of one of the column headers.
To change the width of all columns, first select all columns by clicking the Select All button.
2- Transpose Function.
MS Excel: How to use the TRANSPOSE Function (WS)
Description. The Microsoft Excel TRANSPOSE function returns a transposed range of cells. …
Syntax. …
Returns. …
Note. …
Applies To
Type of Function
Example (as Worksheet Function) We’ve placed values in cells A1, A2, and A3, and we’d like to view these values in cells C1, D1, and E1 (transposed).
Frequently Asked Questions. …
3- Filter.
The FILTER function allows you to filter a range of data based on criteria you define.

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