Excel Workbook for Golf Tee Off Times

Written by Debra Dalgleish from Contextures Blog

The golf courses aren’t too crowded here this summer, because of the social distancing rules. So, if you’re trying to spread out the players at your course, use this Excel workbook for golf tee off times.

Workbook for Golf Tee Off Times

Watch this video to see how you can schedule player tee off times with the Golf Tee Off Times workbook.

NOTE: There’s a link at the end of this post, where you can get the workbook.

Getting Started

In the workbook for golf tee off times, drop down lists and macro buttons make it easy to select players, and assign them to starting times.

golf tee off times workbook

To set things up, you’ll enter a date and number of players on the Summary sheet.

The Summary sheet says “Golf Tournament Tee Off Times” but some people use this to book plays for a specific date at their golf club.

Add the Players

The next step is to add the player names, on the PlayerList sheet. You might enter all the member names for your golf club, or people who have signed up for a tournament.

fill in player names

Add the Tee Off Times

Next, go to the TeeOffTimes sheet, where there is an Excel table with a list of tee off times entered, and 4 columns for player names.

You can use the Tee Off Times list as it is, or type different times in the Times column. You might need more time between the groups now, to keep people further apart.

tee off times

Choose Players for Tee Off Times

Finally, you’ll go to the PlayerList sheet, and assign players to a tee off time.

  • At the top left, select an available  Tee Off Time from the drop down list.select tee off time
  • Then, in the list of players, type an X  in the Mark column, for each player you want to assign to that tee off time.
    click the Book Times button

Check the Summary Sheet

To see how things are going, you can check the Summary sheet.

At a glance, you can see if all the players have been booked to tee off times, and if enough tee off times have been entered in the workbook.

Summary sheet formulas

Keep Your Distance

If the golf tee off times workbook doesn’t help you keep the players far enough apart, here’s another idea – add more hazards. That will keep the players moving along.

We spent a few winters in South Carolina, and the golf courses there had a special feature – alligators! My husband lost his ball in that pond, and didn’t even think about stopping to retrieve it!


Get the Workbook

To get the workbook for golf tee off times, and to learn how it works, go to my Contextures website.

The file is in xlsm format, and contains macros. When you open the workbook, enable macros if you want to test the Golf Tee Off Times workbook


Excel Workbook for Golf Tee Off Times


Excel Workbook for Golf Tee Off Times


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