Excel Tutorial: Keyboard shortcuts and Key Tips in Excel | ExcelCentral.com

Excel Tutorial: Keyboard shortcuts and Key Tips in Excel | ExcelCentral.com

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Mini Toolbar, Key Tips and keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2013.
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In this video you’ll learn how to use the Mini Toolbar to apply Bold, Italic and Underline attributes to text. You’ll also learn useful shortcuts to bold-face and italicise text and find out how to quickly locate shortcut keys for any of Excel 2013’s features using Key Tips.

This video comes from the Basic Skills session (Session 1 in our Excel 2013 Essential Skills free video training course). This session includes the following video lessons:

▪ Lesson 1-1: Start Excel and open a new blank workbook (4m 16s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01010-start-excel-and-open-a-new-blank-workbook.html
▪ Lesson 1-2: Check whether your Excel version is up to date (3m 47s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01020-enable-and-apply-automatic-microsoft-office-update.html
▪ Lesson 1-3: Change the Theme in Office (4m 29s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01030-change-the-office-2013-themes-in-excel-2013-tutorial.html
▪ Lesson 1-4: Maximize, minimize, re-size, move and close the Excel window (2m 58s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01040-maximize-minimize-re-size-move-and-close-the-excel-window.html
▪ Lesson 1-5: Download the sample files and open or navigate a workbook (9m 47s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01050-how-to-download-the-excelcentral-dot-com-sample-files.html
▪ Lesson 1-6: Save a workbook to a local file (4m 18s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01060-how-to-save-a-workbook-to-a-local-file-in-excel-2013.html
▪ Lesson 1-7: Understand common file formats (5m 22s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01070-excel-file-extension-xls-xlsx-xlsm-xlsb-xps-pdf.html
▪ Lesson 1-8: Pin a workbook and understand file organization (6m 15s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01080-file-organization-logical-grouping-of-subfolders.html
▪ Lesson 1-9: View, move, add, rename, delete and navigate worksheet tabs (5m 58s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01090-view-move-add-rename-and-delete-excel-worksheet-tabs.html
▪ Lesson 1-10: Use the Versions feature to recover an unsaved Draft file (8m 9s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01100-file-recovery-microsoft-office-autosave-and-autorecover.html
▪ Lesson 1-11: Use the Versions feature to recover an earlier version of a workbook (3m 35s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01110-recover-deleted-file-sections-in-microsoft-office.html
▪ Lesson 1-12: Use the Ribbon (11m 59s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01120-how-to-use-the-microsoft-office-excel-ribbon-.html
▪ Lesson 1-13: Understand Ribbon components (9m 29s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01130-ribbon-components-in-microsoft-office-excel-2013.html
▪ Lesson 1-14: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and preview the printout (9m 44s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01140-customize-the-quick-access-toolbar-free-video-tutorial.html
▪ Lesson 1-15: Use the Mini Toolbar, Key Tips and keyboard shortcuts (7m 51s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01150-keyboard-shortcuts-and-key-tips-in-excel-2013.html
▪ Lesson 1-16: Understand views (3m 55s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01160-understand-views.html
▪ Lesson 1-17: Hide and Show the Formula Bar and Ribbon (4m 42s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01170-hide-and-show-the-excel-formula-bar-and-ribbon.html
▪ Lesson 1-18: Use the help system (7m 1s) http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/lessons/01180-excel-help-the-worlds-only-excel-help-video-search-engine.html

You can watch any of the 850 Excel video lessons, free and without any required registration at http://excelcentral.com/excel2013/essential/tutorials/default.html.

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