How to send whatsapp message through excel II Excel Tips and Tricks 2020 Hindi

Excel Ticks to Send Custom Message from Excel to Whatsapp | Excel Tips and Tricks 2020, during this video you’ll find out how we will send customize message from excel to Whats-app, means you’ll ready to connect your excel software to desktop whats-app.
How to send Bulk Whatsapp Message from excel

Code used in excel

Sub msg_click()
On Error GoTo errorh:
mobileno = Selection.Value

Set myrange = Sheet1.Range(“A:A”)
rowno = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(mobileno, myrange, 0)
Message = Sheet1.Cells(rowno, 2).Value
Amount = Sheet1.Cells(rowno, 3).Value
ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:=”” & mobileno & “?text=” & Message & Amount & “”

MsgBox “Select Proper Mobile Number ”
End Sub

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Excel Tips and Tricks 2020 Hindi,

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