How to embed Excel files, calculators on your website? – Step by step instructions

Here is an awesome way to enhance your website and impress clients. Embed an Excel calculator on your webpage. Check out below demo and if this is what you want, read on.

Live Excel Calculator – Embedded – DEMO

Say, you run a hardware supply business and want to share your up-to-date catalogue with clients. You can create an order price calculator like below 👇 and embed it. Your clients can use it to see what would be the total order price before placing an order by calling you. 

What you need for the web embeddable Excel file…?

How to get your Excel file on to your website?
Step-by-step Instructions

If you prefer these instructions by video, watch my YouTube tutorial here. For text + image instructions, read on.

Step 1: Open your Excel file and select the range you want to embed on your website. Give it a name using name box.

name your excel calculator range


Step 2: Save your file to onedrive

Using File menu, save your Excel file to your onedrive account. 

Note: This method requires having a onedrive account. If you do not have it, signup for one here.


Step 3: Open your file on onedrive. You can go to File menu in Excel, click on Info and use the “Open File Location” button.


save and open the file on onedrive


Step 4: Select your file on onedrive and click on “Embed”

customizing embed optionsembed options for excel files on onedrive

This will open “embed” options for your file. From here, you can customize how you want your Excel file to be embedded. Click on the link at the bottom that says “Customize how this embedded workbook will appear to others.”

Step 5: Customizing your embed options

We are nearly there.

In the next screen, adjust workbook embed options. See the list & screenshot below.

how to customize embed code for putting excel files on web

  1. Select the range from “What to show” list. This is same as the range you named in step 1 of this tutorial.
  2. Enable hide grid lines
  3. Disable download link, if you want.
  4. Enable “Let people type into cells” so that your website visitors can use the calculator.
  5. Optionally, specify a starting cell.
  6. Adjust dimensions of your embed, or leave it default.
  7. Finally, copy the embed code that is show here.

Step 6: Embed the code in your website

Go to your website and add the html code to the webpage you want. I am including instructions for wordpress below. For other website systems, refer to your website hosting / CMS help.

Instructions for wordpress for embedding html code of your Excel file:

  1. In your wordpress editor, click on + button to add a new block.
  2. Search for HTML
  3. Add HTML block and paste the code you have copied there.
  4. Save and publish.

Things to keep in mind when embedding Excel files

File embed is a great option in OneDrive. But it doesn’t work, if your Excel file has

  • Macros & VBA
  • Form controls, Active-x controls
  • Data model (?)

Also, embedded files are not suitable for display large volumes of data or images. In such cases, use formats like PDF or images.

My Excel file changed, how to update the webpage?

You don’t need to. That is the beauty of OneDrive. Just open Excel, make changes you need to and save it. OneDrive will push new version to cloud and when someone visits your webpage next time, they see updated version.

Other helpful tutorials & files

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Got any other questions..?

Leave a comment and I will try to help you. Good luck with embedding Excel files on to your website.

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