25 Amazing Power Query Tips and Tricks

25 Amazing Power Query Tips and Tricks

1. Delete Steps Until End
2. Preview or Navigate to Table Objects
3. Double Click to Edit a Query
4. Automatically Add a Row Index to any Query Loaded to a Table
5. Change the Default Load Options
6. Display a Monospaced Font in the Query Editor
7. Navigate Columns with the Arrow Keys
8. Comments in Power Query Formula Language
9. Add Comments Without Opening the Advanced Editor
10. Add Comments that Stay Visible in the Formula Bar
11. Add Comments with the Query Step Properties
12. Create a Sequential List
13. Avoid Case Sensitivity with Filters
14. Double Click to Rename a Column
15. Rename a Column with a Keyboard Shortcut
16. Navigate Through Complex Query Dependencies
17. Drill Down to a Single Value
18. Enable Fast Data Load in Power Query
19. Disable the Auto Detect Data Type Feature
20. Explore Power Query’s Function Library
21. Split a Query into Two Parts
22. Copy and Paste Queries to a New Workbook
23. Double Click to Rename a Query
24. Double Click to Hide or Show the Query Editor Ribbon
25. Disable Relationship Detection

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