Happy Excel Day 44444

Did you already notice that today (September 5, 2121), is Excel day 44444? To see that number, type today’s date in a worksheet cell. Then, change that cell’s number format to General. Are you ready FOUR an Excel Day celebration?

Happy Excel Day 44444

Excel Milestones

We love Excel milestones, here on the Contextures Blog. Our first Excel date celebration was Excel Day 40000, way back on July 6, 2009.

In the screen shot below, there’s a TEXT formula in cell B2. It formats the number as a date, showing the weekday name, month, day and year.

There are more TEXT function examples on my Contextures site.

More Milestones

Since then, there have been many more Excel date celebrations — every 1000 days or so.

This list shows the past Excel milestone days, for Excel on a Windows system.

And when we celebrated Day 44000, I promised we’d be back to celebrate Day 44444.

  • Obviously, we should also celebrate Excel day 44444, which falls on Sunday, September 5, 2021.
  • Have your party hats and noisemakers ready, and we’ll do something special FOUR that day too!

Excel for Mac Celebrations

The date system is different in Excel for the Mac. Its default date system starts at January 1, 1904 (day 0), so the milestone dates are about 4 years behind.

Here’s the list of Excel milestone days for the 1904 date system, and there’s a big day coming up soon!

Get ready for Excel Day 43000 (Mac version), on September 23, 2021!

Future Excel Milestones

When will we celebrate next? Here’s a list of the upcoming Excel Date milestones for the Windows system.

I’ll see you back here on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, for Excel Day 45000!

Do you think you’ll still be using Excel on Day 48000, on Sunday June 1, 2031?



Happy Excel Day 44444

Happy Excel Day 44444


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