Advanced IF Function Tips for Excel

Advanced IF Function Tips for Excel

Watch this video to learn Advanced ways to use the Excel IF Function! In this Advanced IF Function Tips for Excel tutorial, you are going to learn a few basic tips for advanced logic in the Excel IF Function.

This is a great video for Beginner or Intermediate Excel users and it shows several Advanced examples of the Excel IF Function.

This Advanced IF Function Tips for Excel tutorial was recorded using Microsoft Office 365.

📥 Download this Advanced IF Function Tips for Excel workbook so you can practice along with us:

⌚ Time Stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – Explanation of Spreadsheet
01:27 – Usng OR Within an IF Statement
03:20 – Locking Excel Reference Cells
04:27 – Usng AND Within an IF Statement
05:09 – Using a Simple IF
06:06 – Sum a Nested IF and Use IF to Evaluate Results
09:05 – Using IFS to return case specific criteria for 4 criteria
12:09 – Inserting Emojis
13:04 – Review

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