7 Excel Tricks & Treats

7 Excel Tricks & Treats

In this video, learn seven shortcuts and productivity tips to save time with Excel. These include horizontal scrolling, launch buttons for the Format Cells window, copying a sheet, clearing formats, copying down with the fill handle, stopping Excel from converting text to dates, and going dark on your office theme.

If you’d like to read the accompanying blog post on my website, you can access it here: https://www.excelcampus.com/tips/excel-tricks-treats

0:00 1. Horizontal Scrolling
1:01 2. Launch Buttons for the Format Cells Window
1:45 3. Copy a Sheet
2:10 4. Clear Formats
3:05 5. The Fill Handle
4:14 6. Preventing Excel from Converting Text to Dates
5:38 7. Dark Mode

Check out our full list with over 270 shortcuts for Excel and VBA.

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