Top Most Important 50 MS Excel Tips and Tricks You Must Learn (Part 1, Video Tutorial 2022 Viral)

Top Most Important 50 MS Excel Tips and Tricks You Must Learn (Part 1, Video Tutorial 2022 Viral)

In this video, I am sharing the top-most important MS Excel tips, tricks, and formulas that you must learn if you ever have to use MS Excel. The best part is time links/ chapters are given below and you can just jump to a specific section when you click the time written before each tip/ chapter.

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Topmost Important 50 Excel Tips and Tricks You Must Learn (Part 1)
00:00 Intro
00:37 Copy and paste with the use of Clipboard
02:48 Copy only visible Columns or Rows/ data from a table
04:15 Moving or Swapping Columns or Rows between a table without copy and paste
05:39 Fill Series (Auto SN, trends, growth, dates by day, by weekend, by step value and growth)
09:01 Right and Left function (Extracting # of characters or digits out of a cell into another cell)
12:23 Insert Blank Rows after Every Row (Filled Row) if you need extra rows under each row
14:07 Remove a blank row after every row or?
15:56 Text to Column (Split text of one cell to other cells with command, important one)
18:48 Convert Text into Uppercase (Capital Case)/Lower /Proper (Title case) with Formula
20:31 Cell Info Messages/Alerts (for cells) to explain the restrictions and criteria of cells
24:46 Show an image or a shape, when someone move cursor to a cell so it is displayed
27:04 Customize a cell format for Contact #s ID Cards and other format/ standards
29:57 Hide data with cell format
31:01 Transpose with command or formula (Convert horizontal data tables to vertical /vice versa)
32:54 Place Header text /headline across multiple column in center without merging
34:40 Highlight Blank Cells or info in multiple ways (use of F5 and Conditional format), Fill Blank Cells with special instruction, Remove or Highlight Duplicates
43:33 Top tips for Print setting in Excel, Print Headers on every page, Print only selected area, Page setup, margins
50:48 Easy tips for Simple Filter
51:48 Advance use of Filter for filtering with contain and many other options and CTRL+F
53:21 Freeze Rows or Columns (Advance Trick for freezing sheets as per your needs)
58:00 View (the sue of Split, New Window, Arrange, Switch Windows, View Side by Side (Great for comparisons and reviews of documents, ALT+Tab etc.
01:03:22 Move or Copy Sheet into the same or a New Workbook
01:05:18 Protect a sheet or workbook (Dos and Don’t)
01:13:32 Quick Data Entry Form
01:16:30 Find File Location with Formula
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