10 Excel Functions You NEED to KNOW as Engineers!

10 Excel Functions You NEED to KNOW as Engineers!

If you work as an engineer, make sure you learn these Excel functions and Excel formula combinations. They’ll make your work life a LOT easier (specially if you’re a mechanical engineer) and they work in all Excel versions.
Some of these are basic Microsoft Excel formulas and functions and some are more advanced Excel formulas.

All are great for engineers and anyone else who’d like to use Excel more efficiently. If you’re working with data for bill of materials, part numbers, or need to calculate extended quantity, this tutorial will help you.

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00:00 The Most Important Excel Functions in Engineering
00:55 Working with a Bill of Material (BOM) in Excel
01:37 REPT Function
03:11 TRIM Function
03:48 LEN & SUBSTITUTE Function
06:04 LEFT
06:42 FIND Function
07:55 RIGHT Function
09:11 LOOKUP Function
12:09 IFERROR Function
12:56 IF Function
13:40 Bonus: Calculating Extended Quantity
14:43 Wrap Up

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