10 Excel Tips and Tricks for Beginners ✅

10 Excel Tips and Tricks for Beginners ✅

We combine ten Excel tutorials into one step-by-step Microsoft Excel training tutorial for beginners. This Excel tips and tricks are ideal for beginners, but also for intermediate Excel users.

📝 Table of Contents/Timestamps

0:10 How to Use Excel Dark Mode
3:00 Using the Accounting Number Format Excel
7:55 How to Split Cells in Excel
11:29 How to Group Worksheets in Excel
14:01 How to Add Error Bars in Excel
18:07 How to Indent in Excel
21:38 Excel Format Painter – How to use it
26:12 How to Insert Checkboxes in Excel
34:37 How to Fix the Spill Error in Excel
38:37 How to Lock Cells in Excel

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