Track Golf Scores in Excel Multiple Players & Courses

If you’re playing golf this summer, you can keep track of your golf scores in Excel. And you don’t have to build your own score tracking workbook – get one of the pre-built golf score tracking templates on my site.

One Player One Course

Way back in 2010, my first Excel golf score template was designed for one player, and one golf course. Those were simpler times!

Back then, my husband played golf at a local club, a couple of times a week. He’d come home with his scorecard, and type everything into a simple Excel sheet.

  • There was a column for the date
  • There were 18 columns to enter the score on each hole.
  • The SUM function totalled the front nine and the back nine, and calculated a grand total.


Getting Fancy

Later, my husband wanted to figure out his average scores, and a few other statistics, so I helped him make a fancier version of the golf score workbook.

I added a sheet named Summary. Near the top of that sheet, I set up cells where you enter the par score for each of the 18 holes.


With that data in the workbook, each round of golf could be compared to those par scores.

Highlight the Good Parts

Next, with a couple of conditional formatting rules added, the weekly scores were highlighted.

To draw attention to the good scores, cells get coloured:

  • orange, if equal to par
  • bright green, if below par

We don’t talk about the other scores.


More Statistics

Next, on the Summary sheet, where the course par scores are entered,  I added formulas that show the overall results for the year.

  • What was your best score on each hole?
  • What was your average score on each hole?


Below that summary, there’s a section where you can see how often you got each type of score, for each hole.

  • How many times did you get a Bogey on hole 4?
  • Did you get an Eagle on any of the holes?

Thanks to more conditional formatting, the highest number in each column is highlighted with yellow.

  • Good news – you had 2 Eagles on the 8th hole!
  • It looks like the 9th hole was a tough one, though!


Maybe those scores are from the course my husband played in South Carolina one winter.

On that course, the alligator in the photo below was the hazard on the 9th hole!


New Golf Score Templates

Over the years, I’ve added a couple of new versions of the golf score template to my Contextures site.

  • Multiple Players – so you can keep track of everyone’s scores
  • Multiple Players – 9 Holes – if you’re playing on one of those executive courses

In these multi-player score trackers, you’ll enter every players scores after each round of golf.

Later, you can check the results for any player.

  • At the top of the Summary sheet, select a player name.
  • The stats show the results for the selected player only.


Multiple Players & Courses

And there’s another new version this week.

In this version of the golf score tracker, you can track golf scores for multiple players, on multiple golf courses.

  • First, enter the details for any golf course where you’ll be playing this year
  • Then, enter everyone’s scores after each round of golf, and select the name of the golf course where they played

After all the scores are entered, you can check the results on the Summary sheet

  • At the top of the Summary sheet, select a player name
  • Next, choose a golf course name, from the drop down list.

The stats on the Summary sheet show the results for the selected player, on the selected golf course only.


Pivot Table Summary

There’s also a pivot table summary in each workbook.

In the latest workbook, you can see stats for all players, on all golf courses.


Get the Excel Golf Scores Template

To learn more about the golf scores workbook, and to download any of the Excel files, go to my Contextures website, on the Excel golf scores template page.

There are details on how the formulas and conditional formatting work, and four different versions of the file that you can download.

  • The latest version is #4 – Multi Players and Golf Courses.

All of the zipped sample files are in xlsx format, and they do not contain any macros.


Track Golf Scores in Excel Multiple Players & Courses

Track Golf Scores in Excel Multiple Players & Courses


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