FREE Calendar & Planner Excel Template for 2023

Here is a fabulous New Year gift to you. A free 2023 Calendar & Activity planner made entirely in Excel. This dynamic calendar workbook lets you:

2023 calendar excel workbook
  • See the calendar for entire year in a single view
  • Dynamic any month calendar with detailed plan view
  • Automatic updation of holidays, weekends and activities
  • Snapshot of upcoming activities
  • Fully customizable – start on any day, any weekend, custom holidays
  • Optimized for screen and print outs

Click the below button to download the free 2023 calendar template.

Download the 2023 Calendar Template


This calendar is compatible with Excel 365. It uses modern dynamic formula techniques to automatically generate the calendar, planner and month views.

If you have an older version of Excel (such as 2019 or 2016, 2013) then please use this alternative version.

How to use the 2023 Calendar Workbook?

The calendar & planner file has 4 tabs.

  1. Calendar tab: See the 12-month calendar view + upcoming activities in this page. It also highlights any holidays, weekends and planned activities on the calendar in a different color.
  2. Any month tab: This page lets you see the calendar for any specific month in a detailed view. You can change the month from cell C3 and the calendar updates automatically. The calendar shows date, any activities planned in a neat grid view.
  3. Planner tab: Use this tab to set up your activities. Whatever items you list here will automatically show up on the calendar & any month tabs.
  4. Customizations tab: Do you want to change the way your week begins? Need to add some holidays or change the icons? Use the customizations tab.

How is this calendar made?

The calendar workbook has two main components.

  • Calendar
  • Planner

Calendar Generation

To generate the calendar, I am using the dynamic array functionality of Excel 2023. We can use the SEQUENCE function to create all the dates in any given year.

For example, =SEQUENCE(365,,DATE(2023,1,1)) generates all the 365 dates in the year 2023.

I then used the same logic to generate monthly calendars for all the 12 months and adjusted them based on the week start option.

Once the monthly calendars are generated, then I highlighted the weekends, holidays and activities using conditional formatting.

Activity Planner

You can set up any number of activities in the planner table. I am then using FILTER function to filter out the activities for a given day and show them next to the calendar date.

Also, if “highlight activities” is enabled, then I am highlighting the calendar cells in a different color.

In the 12-month calendar view, I am showing upcoming 10 activities using FILTER function too.

Know more about these calculations

If you want to learn more about the calculations and set up of this workbook, please refer to these articles + videos.

  • Dynamic array functions in Excel – introduction to FILTER, SEQUENCE etc.
  • Conditional formatting to highlight values in Excel
  • Data validation to select a month in Excel cell
  • Excel tables – How to create a simple tracker in Excel
  • Video: How to use FILTER function in Excel

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