10 Excel tricks that you should know.

10 Excel tricks that you should know.

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Excel 101 shortcut key’s : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtul1DCv3CM&t=3s

10 Excel tricks that you should know.

In this video, I covered 10 amazing Excel tricks it can save you a lot of time & you can use it in your office everyday.so watch this video till the end & share with your office buddies so they will use this tricks in office.


Timestamp :
00:00 : Intro
03:05 : Excel Formatting trick 1
07:55 : Excel Formatting trick 2
09:23 : Excel Formatting trick 3
10:53 : Excel Formatting trick 4
12:14 : Excel Formatting trick 5
14:13 : Excel Formatting trick 6
15:15 : Excel Formatting trick 7
16:49 : Excel Formatting trick 8
17:43 : Excel Formatting trick 9
19:26 : Excel Formatting trick 10
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