10 Excel Pro Tips: Waterfall Charts, MATCH Function, and Split Screens Demystified

10 Excel Pro Tips: Waterfall Charts, MATCH Function, and Split Screens Demystified

Welcome to another Excel tips and tricks tutorial video! We combined ten of our best Excel tutorials into one step-by-step Microsoft Excel training video for beginners. These Excel tips and tricks are ideal for beginners, but also for intermediate Excel users.

📝 Use the timestamps below to navigate to different sections of the course. If you already know one of these topics, skip ahead!

00:00 – How to Insert Image in Excel
03:47 – How to Create a Waterfall Chart in Excel
07:09 – How to Convert Excel to CSV
09:56 – How to Use Excel MATCH Function
12:44 – How to Hide Formulas in Excel
16:22 – How to Remove Tables in Excel
19:38 – How to Insert New Worksheet in Excel
22:36 – How to Reduce Excel File Size
27:13 – Merge Excel Files
34:41 – How to Split Screen in Excel

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