Compare Two Tables In Excel – Excel Tips and Tricks

Compare Two Tables In Excel – Excel Tips and Tricks

Learn how to compare two tables in Excel

To effectively analyze data in Excel, several methods can be employed to compare tables and sheets, highlighting differences and identifying matches. To compare two tables in Excel and pinpoint differences, formulas like “VLOOKUP” or “INDEX/MATCH” can be utilized to assess corresponding cells, while conditional formatting can visually indicate variances. When comparing values using conditional formatting, simply set up rules based on formulas such as “=$A1<>$B1” to highlight disparities. Extending this to multiple sheets involves selecting the desired range, applying conditional formatting, and referencing cells across sheets in the formula. For comparing two tables to find matches in specific columns, Excel functions like “VLOOKUP” or “INDEX/MATCH” can be employed, or the “Remove Duplicates” feature can isolate matching values. Finally, to match two tables in Excel, use functions like “VLOOKUP” or “INDEX/MATCH” to retrieve corresponding values, or utilize the “Remove Duplicates” tool to isolate unique matches, ensuring data alignment and accuracy.

Here are steps outlined in my video.

Comparing 2 Tables
1) Highlight second table
2) Home ~ Style ~ Conditional Formatting
3) New Rule…
4) Select “Use a formula to determine which cells to format”.
5) =A6<>H6
6) Format
7) Fill tab.
8) Select fill color as Red
9) OK
10) OK

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