🔥Excel Top 10 Impressive 👉New Advanced Laval Tips For Office Work [ Magical Time Saving Tips ]

🔥Excel Top 10 Impressive 👉New Advanced Laval Tips For Office Work [ Magical Time Saving Tips ]

Office work special 10 excel tips and tricks to work smarter and faster. MS Excel में आफिस वर्क कैसे करें – How to doing Office work in Microsoft Excel like experts – In Excel 2007 2010 2013 2016 2019. If you want to work in Excel in office then must watch this video till the end. in this video deepak eduworld will show you:How to use shortcuts tips and tricks or shortcut keys to finish your work quickly. these tips based on custom number formatting. advanced Laval custom number formatting, apply color using number formatting. how to doing office work in ms excel,excel work in office in hindi,excel formulas,excel me work kaise kare,how to doing office work in ms word,excel custom number format multiple conditions,excel custom format add text after number,excel custom number format add text,excel number format formula,excel custom number format millions,excel custom number format colors,

Download Training File : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yPIkNMGzv1keCjuLvGSpw3pJc7lEPM2s

1. Convert A Digit Or Number In Text
2. Add Text Suct As Rs, Qty, Kg, Bags, Grams, Units Etc. With Numbers
3. Display Number & Text In Same Cell Using Condition
4. Show -ve / +ve Numbers In Different Colors with + / – signs
5. Display Numbers In Thousands and Millions
6. Convert Zero Into Blank Cell / Hide Zero
7. Convert Blank Cells Into Zero
8. Show Only Numbers… Hide Text Values
9. Maintain Digits By Adding Zero’s
10. Adding Zero Before Number’s

How to do data entry? how we can make data entry faster? What are best tips and tricks to make data entry easier or faster like an experts.

part 1 : How To Do Office Work in Excel 👉 Work Smarter & Faster || in Hindi https://youtu.be/PT8D1qQwe1k

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