Ultimate List of Top 25 Microsoft Excel Time Saving Tips (2022)

Ultimate List of Top 25 Microsoft Excel Time Saving Tips (2022)

Step by Step Video on how to use the Top 25 All time Favorite, Time Saving Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts in Excel (Works on Excel 365, Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, Excel for Mac)
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Hey Guys, This is Vinai from ExcelChamp.Net. Today I want to share with you my all time favorite Excel tips and tricks with you. I have selected my top 25 tips that I use most of the time, and I find them extremely useful. I hope you will also like them too, and will be able to gain much out of Excel with these simple tips that will improve your productivity and make you awesome in Excel.

And to get started, I have prepared an Excel file with some sample data. You can download from the description below in this video, if you want to follow along. But if you find the speed a bit fast for you, then simply watch the video first. And then you can play it a second time, and then do the exercise along with me, step by step. THis way you will be able to get the most value from the tricks, because we learn the best when we try it out ourselves.

Tip # Topic
1 Relative & Absolute Referencing
2 Range Names
3 IF
6 Tables
8 Country GDP with Data Type
9 Combine Cells
10 Flash Fill
11 Dates
12 Date Difference
13 Convert
14 Pivot Tables
15 Pivot Charts
16 Printing Options
17 Freeze Panes & Split
18 Ideas for Analysis
19 Grid Lines
20 Link to Other Sheets
21 Color Tabs
22 Remove Duplicates
23 Drop Down Lists
24 Excel For Free on Web
25 Collaborate With Others

With these Best Excel Tips and Tricks, You will save a huge amount of time, improve your productivity, and benefit from Excel’s intelligence.

Learn these 25 nifty tricks from ExcelChamp Founder Vinai Prakash.

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