5 Conditional Formatting tips to make you a rock star at work

5 Conditional Formatting tips to make you a rock star at work

Aah… Conditional Formatting. My most favourite feature of Excel. In this video, let me reveal 5 AMAZING tricks to make you a rock star at work.

The five tips are,
1) How to highlight top 3 items & Bottom 3 items
2) Highlight data where sales more than $150,000
3) Highlight top 3 sales persons with CF Formula rule
4) Using Data Bars to add in-cell visualization
5) Creating a stylish report with conditional formatting

Video timestamps 梗
0:00 – Introduction
0:25 – Highlighting top 3 sales values
1:35 – Highlighting bottom 3 sales values
2:48 – Formula based rule for highlighting sales above $150k
5:09 – Using an input cell to control the format rules
6:26 – Formula rule for highlighting top 3 sales values (RANK.AVG)
8:45 – Adding Databars to instantly visualize your data
9:36 – Making an eye-catching report with CF tricks

Sample file
Download the sample file from here – https://chandoo.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/CF-basics.xlsx

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