Introducing Power BI Play Date – Online class to master Power BI (oh yeah, Power Query & Power Pivot too)

Hello friends,

It’s here. Power BI Play Date – my latest online training program is now ready for your consideration. Please take a few minutes to read this to know all about the program. If you are ready to join, click here.

Power BI Play Date - Online Power BI, Power Pivot & Power Query class from Chandoo

What is Power BI?

Considered to be one of the fastest growing technologies in the world of data, Power BI is an incredible software to collect data, model it, analyze it, visualize and publish your work – all with ridiculous ease. Think of  Power BI as a natural extension to Excel based reporting with built-in capabilities to publish to mobile phones, web and everyone in your organization securely.

What can Power BI do for me?

I won’t tease. Check out below gallery to see some of the reports you can create and skills you will pickup in this course. It is #AWESOME.

  • Power BI Play Date - Course Topics

What is this play date?

Power BI Play Date is an online training program to teach you how to use Power BI.

Working with data in Power BI feels like playing, hence the name Play Date. This program is completely online and self-paced. You can learn about Power BI from the comfort of your couch (or playpen). I take you from a Power BI rookie to rock star by the end of this course.

In this program (more than 9 hours long), you will learn:

  • Getting started with Power BI – Your first ever play
  • Working with Power Query for data collection & processing
    • Data from Excel / CSV
    • Getting data from Web
    • Automating with Power Query functions
    • Transformations & splits
    • Adding columns based on rules & M formulas
  • Power Pivot & DAX
    • Creating implicit measures
    • Writing DAX formulas for explicit measures
    • Measures & filter context
    • Manipulating filter context with CALCULATE
    • Using variables in DAX
    • Time intelligence calculations
    • Creating text messages with DAX
  • Reports & Dashboards with Power BI
    • Overview of Power BI visuals
    • Visual interactions explained
    • Filters
    • Card visuals
    • Tables & Matrices
    • Slicers
    • Maps
    • Formatting charts & other visuals
    • Conditional formatting
      • Colorscales
      • Databars
      • Rule based CF logic
    • Visual analytics
      • Forecasting
      • Symmetry shading
      • Explain feature
    • Q&A
  • Publishing your reports
    • Adding interactivity thru Bookmarks
    • Drillthrough pages
    • Tooltips
    • What-if parameters
    • Power BI online ecosystem
    • Setting up mobile view
    • Using Cortana insights

Be warned though. This is thoroughly awesome and intense play. Prepare for some serious exercise.

Is it good for me?

Let’s be honest. Power BI is awesome and all, but not everyone can hop on the bandwagon. It is suitable for people in these situations.

  • Analyst of most kinds
  • Business Intelligence Professional
  • Report writers, story tellers
  • Managers and executives who need to build reports
  • Self-employed consultants
  • Data People
  • Anyone Power BI curious

You need below skills to successfully use Power BI:

  • Decent understanding of business and reporting concepts (ie are you building some reports in Excel or other tools already?)
  • Beginner to intermediate level of Excel (while you won’t be using Excel in Power BI, knowing things can simplify your work)
  • Passion to learn new things (Power BI feels almost nothing like Excel)

and oh yeah, you will also need:

  • Free Power BI Desktop software (you can download this from
  • Optional Power BI online account (this will let you publish things on web etc.)

In this play date, I assume that you have little or zero experience with Power BI and build from that level. At the end of this program you will be able to create awesome reports with the program. That is my promise.

Important Dates

Our Power BI Play Date runs in batches. The second batch enrollment is now open. Keep these dates in mind.

  • Enrollments: Open now
  • Enrollments close: 14th of December, 2019 (Saturday morning, Pacific Time)
  • Play begins: From Monday 9th of December, 2019

How to enroll?

Oh simple. Just click here and signup.

Thank you

Thank you so much for all your love, support and feedback. With out you, I couldn’t have created this or any other programs. Thanks for taking time to play and learn from me. I hope to see you in our Power BI play date.

PS: If you have any questions about this course, reply back or leave a comment so I can help you.

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