Excel at Your New Year Resolutions

Written by Debra Dalgleish from Contextures Blog

Happy New Year’s Eve! If you’re setting goals for 2020, get these three free Excel templates to help you “Excel” at your New Year resolutions. There’s a weight loss tracker, a calorie counter, and a weekly meal planner.

Excel Weight Loss Tracker

After all the holiday parties, and a month of indulging in snacks, desserts and other goodies, do you plan to cut back in January?

If so, get the Excel Weight Loss Tracker from my Contextures site. To start, enter this information:

  • your current weight
  • your target weight
  • the amount you’d like to lose each week

Discuss those goals your doctor first, of course!

Then, go back into the weight loss tracker every week, and enter your latest numbers. The Dashboard sheet shows your progress.

Get the Excel Weight Loss Tracker from my Contextures site.

NOTE: There a Stone/Pounds version of the tracker too.

Weekly Meal Planner

Here’s another free template to help you “Excel” at your New Year resolutions – a weekly meal planner spreadsheet. I use this template every Saturday, to choose our meals for the upcoming week.

Sometimes we go off the plan, but it’s been a great help over the past few years that we’ve used this Excel weekly meal planner.

In the weekly calendar, select meal items from the drop down lists, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

After you’ve made your meal selections, click a button to create a shopping list. Next, print that list and take it to the grocery store with you.

Go to my Contextures site, and get the free Excel weekly meal planner.

Excel Calorie Counter

Finally, here’s the third free template to help with your New Year resolutions. It’s an Excel Calorie Counter workbook.

Set your daily target calories (consult your doctor on this) at the top of the worksheet.

Then, record what you eat each day. Select a Category in one column. In the next column, the drop down list shows foods from that category.

There are lots of food items in the workbook, and you can add more items to the list, at any time.

There are two versions of the Excel Calorie Counter –  basic and advanced version.

The advanced version includes a Recipe Calculator, so you can calculate the calories and nutrients in your favourite dishes. Then add those dishes to the food list.

Go to my Contextures site and get the free Excel Calorie Counter workbook – basic or advanced.


Excel at Your New Year Resolutions


Excel at Your New Year Resolutions


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