Free 2020 Calendar Template & Daily Planner

Happy New Year to all our readers. Let’s kick start the year with an awesome & free 2020 calendar template, daily planner and monthly calendar. Please click here to download the 2020 Calendar Excel Template.

2020 Calendar & Daily Planner - Free Excel Template

2020 calendar template – features

  • One page, 12 month calendar view
  • Daily calendar with ability to add events
  • Any events you add will be highlighted on the main calendar
  • Mini calendar view with – 1 row per month
  • Large monthly calendar view, one page per month
  • 4 different color versions of the calendar
  • All formatted and optimized for desktop viewing + print
  • PLUS, the calendar is perpetual. Change year in the first worksheet to see calendar for different years

How to use 2020 calendar?

It is very simple. Just download the file and follow below instructions.

  1. Go to “Daily” tab and clear all the events
  2. List your own events and agenda.
  3. Go to “Full” tab to review the calendar
  4. Print the view that you want
  5. Enjoy

How 2020 calendar is made?

I have used simple Excel formulas, conditional formatting and cell formatting to create this calendar. I made the original version all the way back in 2009 and revised it a few times.

Here is the basic logic of the calendar generation.

  • Start by calculating the very first day of the year – DATE(2020,1,1)
  • In a month, days can span across maximum of 6 weeks (42 days)
  • Make an array of numbers 0 to 41 with the formula =COLUMN(OFFSET(INDIRECT(“$A$1”),0,0,1,42))-1
  • The dates for each month would be = Start of the month date + array of 42 numbers – first day of month’s weekday number
    • This might look confusing, but it works, just test it out if you are not sure.
  • In a separate sheet, set up 366 cells for capturing daily events.
  • For the main calendar, extract each month’s dates with INDEX formula and show.
  • Highlight dates with events using VLOOKUP and conditional formatting.

The downloadable calendar has all the formulas and unlocked. So go ahead and examine it to learn more about how to create such a file for your work.

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