Excel Weekly Meal Planner Update 20200402

Written by Debra Dalgleish from Contextures Blog

There’s an Excel weekly meal planner on my website, to help you organize your meals, and create a shopping list. Now that we’re staying home for a while, with very little shopping, I updated the file, to include an inventory of the food we have on hand.

Use the Excel Meal Planner

Here’s a quick peek at the planner, and how it works. There’s a weekly calendar layout, where you select meal items from drop down lists.

Create a Shopping List

After you select all the meal items, it’s time to create your shopping list.

To do that, just click the Shopping List button at the top of the weekly calendar sheet.

shopping list button

All your items are summarized by category, in an Excel Pivot Table. You can print the list, add any other grocery items that you need, and then head to the grocery store.

shopping list

Meal Planner with Inventory

In the new Meal Planner with Inventory, the shopping list looks a little different. There are two filters at the top of the pivot table – Meal Item, and Need.

shopping list filters

  • Use the Meal Item filter if you just want to see the items for a specific
  • By default, the list only shows items you
    need to purchase  – change that filter to False, to see everything

What’s on Hand

The new shopping list pivot table also shows the quantities that you need for your meals, and the quantities that you have on hand (if any)

  • On Hand – the total quantity in the inventory
  • Buy – a pivot table calculated field that shows the quantity you need to buy (the difference between recipe quantity and quantity on hand)
  • Need Cost – total price of buying the quantity shown in the “Buy” column.

extra columns in pivot table

Keep Your Inventory Up to Date

Excel is a powerful tool, but it doesn’t magically know what’s in your pantry or fridge. Yet.

You’ll have to keep the weekly planner inventory up to date, by filling in that data in the meal planner workbook.

In the screen shot below, ground beef is in the fridge freezer, and in the basement freezer, for a total of 3 pounds.

ingredient inventory details

Video: Weekly Meal Planner

This video shows a previous version of the planner, in which you entered the meals in a list. Now you enter the meals in a weekly calendar layout.

Get the Weekly Meal Planner

You can learn all about the Excel weekly meal planner on my Contextures site, and download the Excel file there too.


Excel Weekly Meal Planner Update 20200402


Excel Weekly Meal Planner Update







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