There are 20 Easter Eggs in this Workbook

Welcome to annual Excel Easter Egg hunt at This year I have a feast for you. I hid 20 Easter Eggs in this workbook. Download it and go hunting.

What is this Easter Egg hunt?

It all began in 2009 (or may be 2010, it was so long ago okay?). I was working in Copenhagen, Denmark where Easter is a big thing. I wanted to share some of that festivity on my blog, so I posted my first ever Easter Egg hunt on Ever since, every year, we have an egg hunt. These are typically spreadsheet puzzles (or Power BI one like last year) that take some wits to solve.

This year’s puzzles

I made a spreadsheet (what else?) with 20 eggs hidden, one each in a tab. Your mission is to find them all. Once you locate them, come back and post your answers (or cryptic clues) in the comments section. Happy hunting.

Rules for the hunt

It is a fun exercise. So the rules are pretty lax.

  • You must find a way to see the word Egg spelled or an image of Egg shown on screen for each worksheet.
  • Usually cell A1 in the sheet contains a clue on what to do.
  • Some eggs require fixing a formula.
  • This workbook has been tested on Excel 365, Windows 10. I am sure it will work in most modern versions of Excel (2010 or above).
  • Questions or doubts? Post a comment.

Want more Easter Egg hunts?

Oh, looks like somebody has a taste for the hen fruits. Why not find the eggs from previous editions? Here you go.

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