MS Excel Tips & Tricks – A Pro must know by Mr. Bob Umlas | #EIEFreshTalk

Excel in Excel presents #EiEFreshTalk on “MS Excel Tips & Tricks – a Pro must know” by Mr. Bob Umlas

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In this video:
00:00 – Getting Started
03:42 – Introduction to the Speaker
05:00 – Foreword by the Speaker
05:53 – Zooming tricks
07:13 – Page Setup demo
08:48 – Calculating Grand Total using SUMIF & SUMPRODUCT
11:47 – Task – Remove everything before the colon
15:20 – Amazing Formula
20:19 – FILTER Function
21:46 – Filter required columns using FILTER Function
23:02 – Nesting SORTBY and FILTER Function
23:50 – Reverse the Unreversed Texts
25:35 – How to Auto Sequence
28:40 – 3*3 grid for Non Repeating Integers
30:12 – Fill Series
32:22 – Get all Files in required directory
35:16 – Mirroring Concept
37:10 – Entering Totals for alternative columns
38:51 – Change Row height using GO TO Special
40:56 – Double Spacing
42:55 – Other Essential Shortcuts
47:43 – Merge Across
48:15 – Hide Row Numbers
49:44 – Insert message using Macro
53:20 – Customize Address Format
1:01:01 – Question and Answer

Key Takeaways:
1. If you want to reference cells A1, A2, A3, etc. but as a horizontal fill (that is, i in cell B1 you put =A1, then drag the fill handle to the right, you would get =B1, =C1, etc. but you want =A2, =A3, etc.) you can enter A1 in cell B1 (without the “=”). Then when you drag the fill handle to the right you will see A2, A3, etc. When done, replace A with =A, and you have it!
2. I’ll show how to copy a page setup from one sheet to another (or to all!)
3. If you have 5 workbooks open, and then do an Arrange All, I will explain the order that Excel puts the 5 windows in — it’s not random!
4. If you have 10000 rows of data, how can you insert a row between every row so that they’re all double-spaced— in under 10 seconds!
5. Tricks with the format painter you probably didn’t know!

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