New Excel TEXTSPLIT Function to Separate words with Ease (includes cool tips)

New Excel TEXTSPLIT Function to Separate words with Ease (includes cool tips)

Until now, splitting words to separate cells or breaking up long text strings in Excel using a delimiter was quite a challenge. We had to use functions like LEFT, MID, RIGHT, and so on, which are not easy to use. Especially if the text has multiple spaces or different delimiters. This is over now! With the new TEXTSPLIT function in Microsoft Excel it’s so EASY now.
In addition, you can combine TEXTSPLIT with other Excel functions to do things we couldn’t do until now. For example, combine it with the TRIM function or to automatically sort the split text strings.

Availability of TEXTSPLIT: Current partly in the BETA channel for those in the OFFICE INSIDER program. More info is here available in the Microsoft Excel announcement:

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00:00 How to Split Text Into Different Columns
00:38 TEXTSPLIT Basics
02:45 Ignore Empty Cells/Skipping Blanks
03:56 Split Text in Rows & Columns
04:41 Split, Sort & Stitch Back
06:54 Wrap Up

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