The QUICKEST & EASIEST Way to Work with TEXT in Excel

The QUICKEST & EASIEST Way to Work with TEXT in Excel

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Justify text (or Fill Justify) is a useful and hidden Excel feature when it comes to managing text, rearranging or aligning text in Excel. Let’s say you’re writing a set of instructions. By default the text entered overflows to the next cells. Now let’s say you’d like to cap the overflow so the text doesn’t go over too may columns.

You can do that with Excel’s Fill Justify feature. With ONE click you can properly align and arrange your text in a readable format. Justify automatically cuts the overflowing text and pastes it in the cells below. It also works the other way round. You can bring text from multiple rows in one single cell!

** Watch Out for Excel’s 255 character limit: If your first cell has text with more than 255 characters and you Fill Justify down – then the remainder of the text is deleted.
You DON’T run into a problem if you Justify text from multiple columns to one cell – Excel puts the remainder on the row below.

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