Excel Worksheet Navigation Tips

Excel Worksheet Navigation Tips

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It can be difficult to find a specific sheet, if an Excel file has many worksheets. This video shows how to use navigation arrows, worksheet list, coloured tabs, and spacer tabs, to make it easier to find a specific sheet.

To see a list of all the sheets, right-click on the Navigation Arrows, at the bottom left of the Excel window. Then, double-click a sheet name, to go to that sheet.

To make groups of sheets easy to find, make each group a different tab colour.

To separate the groups, add a spacer tab between them. Use space characters as the sheet name, so the tabs appear blank.

The spacer tabs also add blanks between the groups when you look at the sheet list (right-click the Navigation Arrows)

If you are programming in the workbook, change the spacer tab sheet code names, so they appear at the end of the list of sheets in the VBA Project Explorer.

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Use Navigation Arrows
0:48 Open the List of Sheets
1:04 Group With Tab Colour
2:04 Add Spacer Tabs
3:34 Change the Sheet Code Names
4:29 Get More Workbook Tips

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