Your Excel Printing Problems, Solved!

Your Excel Printing Problems, Solved!

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When you share an Excel file with others, you never know who’d like to print it. There might be times, you intentionally format your Excel sheets for printing – for example when creating handouts for your presentation.
There might be times you create Excel files that you don’t intend to be printed but if you’re sharing files with others, specially your boss, make sure you format it for printing. You never know who prefers a printed version and you’ll get extra points from your boss if you make their lives easier.

In this video we cover some important Excel printing tips:
How to print an Excel sheet – 2:00
How to fit an Excel sheet to be printed on one page – 2:30
Excel Printing Options on Page Layout tab – 3:25
How to center selection on printed page in Excel – 3:46
Print Excel spreadsheet with grid lines – 4:24
Adjusting scale for printed sheet in case printed Excel sheet is too small – 4:34
Printing selected areas on Excel sheet – 5:55
Setting Excel print area to print specific areas – 6:33
Clear print area – 7:25
Add page break to Excel sheets – 7:30

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