5 Tips for Evaluating Complex Formulas in Excel

5 Tips for Evaluating Complex Formulas in Excel

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Welcome to 2020!!!! I hope everyone had a great new year! 🙂 This the first of many tutorials this year and I hope you enjoy it!

5 simple tips to evaluate any complex formula in Excel!

These tips combine to give you the tools and methods that you need to evaluate formulas and functions that are confusing or difficult to understand.

Once you view this tutorial, you should feel comfortable tackling just about any formula in any workbook that your coworkers can throw at you!

Some of the topics include:
– multiple methods to view the relationships between large sets of formulas in excel
– evaluating formulas in multiple different ways, depending on your needs
– deconstructing large, complex, and convoluted formulas
– methods for understanding complex formulas in excel

This is the first tutorial for 2020 and I hope to start you off on the right foot, showing those complex formulas who’s boss!


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