Excel 3D Formulas Explained (Includes a Bonus Excel Hack!)

Excel 3D Formulas Explained (Includes a Bonus Excel Hack!)

Excel 3d formulas can be used to consolidate data from multiple worksheets into a summary sheet. 3D formulas aren’t that well known except to advanced Excel users.
If you ever needed to reference the same cell or the same range on multiple Excel worksheets you’ll know this can be quite a tedious process. Plus the reference is not dynamic. So, if another Excel sheet gets added in the middle, the formula will not update.

It doesn’t have to be this way! In this video I’ll show you an alternative approach to gather data from multiple Excel sheets to one sheet. With Excel 3-d reference formulas you can replace this cumbersome process with a short and flexible formula.

In addition, I’ll show you a bonus Excel trick I received from Bob Umlas. With this hack we can even add cells or ranges on worksheets that aren’t beside one another. This works as long as the sheets have a common name. It’s like using wildcards in the 3d reference.

00:47 Excel 3D Formula explained
06:21 Bob’s Bonus Trick for using 3d formulas in Excel

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