Is there a secret code in this data? [Excel Homework]

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You are a nautical transport manifest analyst at New Donk city harbor. But you also have a secret identity. You are a spy for Global Intelligence Organization. As part of routine inspection of cargo details, you came across a list of shipping codes that look suspicious.

Your mission – Find the secret codes

Step 1: Download the sample data.

Step 2: The secret code is 007. If you find it anywhere in the shipping number, then it is a Yes.

For example: the shipment number 1230450789 has the code since you can spot 007 when reading from left to right. The code can be separated by other numbers, but as long as it is present in whole, the answer is Yes.

Step 3: You can use formulas, Power Query, VBA or rugged good looks to solve this.

Go ahead and post your solutions in the comments area.

Note: when posting your formula answers, just assume B4 has the shipment number.

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