Excel Tips & Tricks: Designing Better Spreadsheets – 1-hour Excel Tutorial

Excel Tips & Tricks: Designing Better Spreadsheets – 1-hour Excel Tutorial

In this 1-hour class, we look at several excellent Excel tips and tricks to help you design your spreadsheets in the right way.

Good spreadsheet design is essential if your Excel workbooks are going to be used by multiple people. Once again, this class was hosted by the excellent Deborah Ashby for Simon Sez IT.


In this class, we teach you:

– How to layout your spreadsheet
– How to use summary sheets to direct users to the right areas of a workbook
– Cell styles and formatting in Excel
– Adding controls via Data Validation (Dropdown lists!) in Excel
– How to protect an Excel workbook or worksheet
– Using version control and setting up a version control system in Excel

This is a recording of a live training session held for Simon Sez IT members: https://www.simonsezit.com/membership/

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